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The CX242 is a culmination of all of our experience, advanced materials, and shoe making techniques to make a shoe that offers the best fitting solution for hard to fit foot types. Made with a heat moldable heel counter and an uniquely designed upper that has enough adjustability to accommodate riders with bunions, deformation, narrow or wide feet, or a high or low instep. The separated panels allow for fine tuning the fit, relieving pressure from sensitive and painful spots on the feet.

Shoe composition:

  • CX/TX Competition Last – With a profile specifically designed for very high-cadence riding & higher pressure, our Competition last features a more curved profile than the Sport last. The main differences include increased toe pitch & heel lift, a tighter heel & a slightly wider ball girth to allow the foot to expand under high pedaling pressures.
  • OutsoleLake Competition 100% Carbon Fiber Sole. Available in a 3-hole cleat pattern.
  • UpperFullgrain leather or Clarino Microfiber and NuFoam lining with Carbon fiber support panels, which help to maintain a secure fit while adding foot stability. The upper is segmented into 6 independent zones for the most flexible fit to accommodate narrow or wide feet as well as high instep and low instep feet. The moldable heel counter doubles the heel hold for a secure fit. Carbitex support panels offer additional support to enhance the closure.
  • ClosureBOA® Fit System Li2 dials. The Li2 dial is the most advanced platform in cycling, offering a precise, micro-adjustable fit in both directions and designed to resist abrasion.


How you can get the most out of our size guide.

We get it, sizing shoes online is hard. The best way, undeniably, to get the best fit is always to try the shoe on in person. Assuming you don't have access our store, our guide here is the best way to ensure a good fit for a Lake Cycling Shoe.


  1. Get an accurate measurement of your foot. See our guide for measuring your foot here.
  2. With an accurate measurement in hand, review our Sizing Chart page.
  3. Want to go a little more in-depth? Check out our Fit Matrix page that helps you hone in on nuances about your foot relative to others.
  4. Finally, check out our list of shoe lasts that we use while modeling and producing our shoes. If you've worn Lake Cycling shoes in the past, this could be a great way to hone in on a shoe that you know will fit.

Disclaimer: This size guide is for reference and for best fit. Trial and error fitting may be necessary for proper comfort. Perfect sizing through online 2 dimension sizing is not guaranteed. Shoe sizing is not a perfect science as we all have unique foot dimensions. These variables in foot shape are individual to each of us and may require sizing up or to a wider shoe. In some cases that are not easily measured without having in-person interaction.