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For the Spring and Summer Collection 2021, the Gregarius Ultra Bib shorts have been tweaked to become the ultimate all-rounder Salopette by using the new UF Knit44 ECO, adding our new SM-Anatomic chamois and introducing a new sartorial construction.

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Lumbar Support System

The lumbar support panel is an x-shaped panel that can be found above the rear part of the chamois on all Q36.5 bib shorts. The panel is made from a proprietary fabric that has the greatest woven density (Modulus Force warp 510, weft 620) of any panel in the bib short, its visible ribbing operates as an architectural intervention providing even greater structure to the fabric’s body. This extreme compressiveness creates a zone of support for the lumbar and gluteus musculature, providing the rider with improved stability, orientation, balance and proprioceptivity in this critical zone in which all the principal muscles used in the pedalling action are connected.

SM-Anatomic chamois

Our well-known Super Moulded (SM) is an extremely high-performing chamois designed for a solid and substantial feel and all-round riding support. We have updated it by developing a complete three-dimensional moulding that better follows the anatomy of the human body and offers augmented comfort during the ride. The foam padding has been calibrated according to the scheme of variable densities and thicknesses in the perineal, ischiatic, genital and gluteal zones resulting in an extremely sophisticated tuning of its overall comfort. The chamois uses a unique moulding technique that produces smooth variations in the thickness of the padding, markedly improving the contact with the rider’s skin.

Pre-shaped Fit

A pre-shape fit garment is cut to have the least resistance to the athlete’s body when in the position it assumes while riding. Riders will notice that pre-shaped garments will, when hung unworn from a hanger, naturally fall towards a riding position. This means that while the wearer may feel a minor degree of strain or notice small creases in the garment when standing upright and not on the bike he or she will be most comfortable and aerodynamic and have greatest ease of motion when riding.