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The KTV Pro Alert Drive is a compact, aero-post compatible rear bike light featuring a Daytime Flash mode and our custom-programmed “Alert” technology. It’s equipped with our Wide Angle Optics lens that provides up to 270° of visibility and two high-powered LEDs. When decelerating, the light will turn solid, increase in output, and then provide a distinct flash pattern once stopped to alert riders or vehicles from behind. The light will then change back to its previous output mode once the rider resumes his or her ride. Its co-molded construction is super light, yet durable and has an IPX7 waterproof rating. The KTV Pro Alert Drive provides up to 75 lumens (Daytime Flash) and five output/flash modes. An integrated USB stick provides convenient, cable-free recharging for up to 14 hours of runtime. 


  • MAX LUMENS: 75
  • WEIGHT: 56g
  • MAX RUNTIME: 14 hours

KTV Pro Alert