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Pre-calibrated, torsion beam-style torque wrench. Machined aluminum construction with removable handle and integrated magnet to hold tool bits in place. 2Nm – 10Nm torque capacity. No preset necessary-simply twist until marker lines up with desired torque setting. Includes soft shell carrying case with storage cutouts. 

  • WEIGHT:   190g
Hex 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mmStar Shaped T10, T25, T30
Flat HeadPhillips-Head


2.05.2020 - Ditch The Excuses With The Lezyne Torque Drive - Peloton Magazine

Every home mechanic needs a torque wrench...there’s no excuse to not have a torque wrench when hundreds, even thousands, of dollars’ worth of components or frames are at stake every time you fasten a bolt. And there’s especially no excuse when the remedy is $50. The Lezyne Torque Drive is a compact, pre-calibrated torque wrench set that’s straightforward to use. Just pop one of 11 included tool bits into this machined aluminum wrench and tighten until the marker lines of your desired tension match up. With a 2Nm-10Nm torque capacity, you’ll be able to precisely tighten the most commonly adjusted bolts on your bike...it’s a great option for the home mechanic or as a travel set for keeping in a car for pre-ride adjustments, or throwing into a bike bag when flying. Read More

5.08.2019 - 10 Great Cycling Accessories to Upgrade Your Bike Commute - Men's Journal

Like a trusted pocket knife, the right bike tool feels good in your hand, and it’s so useful you always have it on hand. Lezyne’s Torque Drive is sturdy and practical. The precision-machined aluminum tool has a removable handle, so it packs down small. And an integrated magnet securely holds the bits you need to tighten your bike bolts. A torque range from 2Nm–10Nm lets you tighten bike bolts for safety without stripping them. Tool and bits pack into a pocket-sized soft shell carrying case with storage cutouts. Read More

3.29.2019 - Fresh Goods Friday 441 - Singletrack Magazine

You invest in a torque wrench set, build your bike ever so carefully and professionally at home, and then you need to make adjustments on the trail. All that torquing for nothing! Well, not anymore. A travel torque drive with 2Nm – 10Nm torque capacity. Read More

3.18.2019 - Tool series: Best Tools for the trailhead and pack - MTBR

All the polished alloy you could want and all the torque that is needed. The Lezyne Torque Drive is ergonomically friendly and is sure to turn heads when you need to use it out on the trail...Read More