RM 45.00

Tired of your wheels hurling muck into your face and spray on your back whilst bombing it down the trail? We’ve got the answer. Lightweight and stealthy, the Muc-Off Front & Rear Ride Guards keep mud fling at a minimum. These mudguards are lightweight, stealthy and super easy to fit to your bike – plus they look rad too. 


  • Made from 100% recycled plastic waste
  • Made in England
  • 100% recyclable


  • Guards against mud
  • Fits underneath the seat on most bikes – MTB, road, gravel and hybrid
  • Looks awesome
  • Easy to fit
  • Supplied with one reusable zip tie



  • Step 1. Firstly remove the Sag setter and attach it to your shock pump. You can now set the sag on your suspension if required (check shock manufacturer's recommendations). 
  • Step 2. Remove the zip ties and thread them through the four sets of holes in the RideGuard from the rear to the front 
  • Step 3. Slide the RideGuard under the front fork brace and loosely loop the zip ties around the brace and fork legs. 
  • Step 4. Push the RideGuard upward towards the fork brace and tighten the zip ties (A). Tighten the zip ties (B) around the fork legs for a snug fit. Trim the excess ties. 
  • Step 5. Don't forget to check your Ride Guard regularly to ensure zip ties are tensioned to avoid damage to paintwork.


  • Step 1 - Feed the attached zip tie through the 'IN' slot and back through the 'OUT' slot
  • Step 2 - Fold the two outside edges and the centre fold downwards along the fold lines to stiffen the guard 
  • Step 3 - Push the guard and zip tie over the top of the rail on the rear of the saddle
  • Step 4 - Tighten the zip tie around the rails ensuring the zip tie fits inbetween the slot on the edge of the guard.
  • Step 5 - When you have tightened the zip tie firmly cut to length ensuring you have at least 30mm to retension if required.