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Ever wanted to keep all your riding essentials in one place? Tired of your phone getting soaked in an unexpected downpour? Experienced that feeling of getting a puncture miles from home and remembering that you left your spare inner tube in your other jersey?

Sounds like you need one of our Tool Bottles.

Fully waterproof and sized to fit snugly into any standard bottle cage, Muc-Off’s Tool Bottle is perfect for storing everything you need to fix punctures, sort out minor mechanicals, fuel your body and inform your loved ones that you need picking up.

+Keep your inner tubes, gas canisters, gels, keys, money, smartphone and any other small items with you at all times
+Suitable for use in road cycling, mountain biking and cyclocross
+Fits into any standard-sized bottle cage
+Easily washed after a muddy ride
+Holds 450ml of liquid

*tool bottle only. no tools/accessories included